Automatic syndication and cross-platform interactions with blogs

I've set up the following functionality:

Outgoing Webmentions for

There's quite a few ways to go about implementing support for outgoing Webmentions. My method replies on external services, but required very few changes to my site to set up.

First, I had to implement support for microformats2 on my site. This was easy enough to do: I just had to add some classes to elements that described different (meta)data about my site and posts, as well as add a <link rel="author"> to my homepage on posts. This required some minor restructuring of my markup.

Next, I had to actually send out Webmentions. With, this was very easy. All I had to do was sign up for an account and add a webhook whenever my site was deployed that included a link to a pre-existing Atom feed. This is documented pretty well.

Syndication and Webmention bridging

Syndication was made very easy by Bridgy. With Bridgy, all I had to do was sign in Mastodon, and then I can automatically syndicate a post from my blog to Mastodon just by including a Webmention to a special link.

Webmention bridging was just as easy. All I had to do was sign in with the services that I'd like to integrate with. There are a few caveats here, however, which are listed in the Bridgy documentation. The most important one is that due to Twitter API limitations some mentions may be lost.

Incoming Webmentions for

There are also quite a few approaches here, however I went with the popular which provides a hosted service and API for receiving Webmentions (the IndieWeb people seem to be very good at naming things).'s support for displaying interactions on sites is limited to a simple counter, however I found webmention.js which provides a simple display of Webmentions.

Webmentions for

Bridgy makes outgoing Webmentions simple enough, just by signing in with Tumblr on the Bridgy site. Incoming Webmentions are also possible, but a bit trickier. Webmentions would map to comments, but Tumblr only has reblogs, which function a bit differently. Bridgy handles this by using Disqus, external commenting software that has bidirectional integration with Tumblr.

This works well enough, but adding an entire comments feature seems a bit heavy to me. It'd be interesting if there was a way to just display Webmentions within a Tumblr theme. I'm not sure of the feasibility or difficulty of something like this, though.