hsmusicifier 0.3.0: Split up bundled albums with additional flexibility for art

(If you missed it, check out the 0.2.0 announcement.)

hsmusicifier is a tool to add metadata from hsmusic.wiki to your Homestuck music collection. 0.3.0 adds some extra flexibility for art, and enables splitting up bundled albums.

Split bundled albums

If you have the post-2019 Bandcamp albums, you've lost quite a bit of metadata. hsmusicifier previously let you get back track art, but didn't help with the fact that as many as 4 albums could all show up as one. Now, hsmusicifier can re-add the original album and track numbers.

Split up!

Extra flexibility

With all of these features, you might only want to make some of these changes to your precious tracks. In addition, you might also want to use the album art for the first track, just like the original releases did. Now, hsmusicifier gives you many more options to control its functionality.

Input, output, artists, albums, art, first song art and other song art


As always, you can download data files and prebuilt binaries for Linux and Windows from GitHub.

0.3.1 is now available with some minor improvements. You can get it from GitHub.